The franchise is a modern system that allows the expansion of a business through a structured, experienced, proven and successful model. Through this model, there arises a relationship between the Franchisor and the Franchisee, created to promote goods and services, according to a rigid format, using standard methodologies in Management, Marketing and Operational Activity.

Entering a franchise network comes with a lot of benefits to the entrepreneur who wants to create their own business. Starting a business through an already operational brand allows a fast market penetration through taking strategic commercial key points and, mainly, through the constant collaboration between Franchisor and Franchisee, that make the business thrive through continuous support and communication.

In Onebiz Group we have been betting on franchise as an expansion of our businesses, always differentiating ourselves in everything we do! Innovation, Differentiation and Consolidation are the pillars that represent the sustained growth of the Group that, through its 6 areas of business, continues to expand its horizons and conquer the franchise world.

The brands of Onebiz Group have been tracing a successful path, achieving recognition and prospection of its networks. Nowadays, Onebiz Group is a reference in the national and international franchise, with a portfolio of 100.000 clients, with a practice area over 31 countries.