Exchange new business unit opening in Guarda

24 de Julho de 2019

Exchange has been making every effort to expand its business units’ network, having now another office space in the district of Guarda, which opens next Tuesday.

Exchange, a specialized company in financial consulting and insurance services, opens its new unit in the center of the city, on next Tuesday, 30th July, at 3 pm.

The new business unit is led by Dulce Ribeiro, who recently established herself as our brand partner with the opening of an Exchange unit in Covilhã region, and has the support of a large partners’ team with ample experience in financial, real estate and insurance fields. In that way, the new Exchange Guarda will be able to provide a differentiated, professional and specialized consulting service, thus enabling better customer interaction based on trust and proximity.

This is why our financial consultant Dulce Ribeiro states she decided to bet on Exchange, for being a brand with a “leadership, innovation, ambition and notoriety background”.

According to Dulce Ribeiro, her initiative aims to provide customized solutions to customers that best fit their real needs. “Our clients will benefit from an high quality independent financial advisory service that operates not only in emergencies, but also on client education to learn to handle with positive situations. Our aim is to evaluate the customer’s needs, objectives and expectations. After this analysis, we will develop an action plan, present it and put into action strategies for financial planning according to each client’s needs”, she explains.

Get in touch with this new business unit through the e-mail address:, or through the phone number: 960 077 219

About Exchange:

Exchange is a financial consulting company that always focus on providing the best possible solution, considering each client profile and ensuring a customized consulting and advisory service. Also, Exchange is a ONEBIZ group brand, a national leader on Franchising, operating on 6 business areas: financial, consultancy, real estate, education, health and beauty, sales and cost reductions services. Currently, ONEBIZ Group has more than 500 business partners in Portugal and 100 business partners on the 31 countries where it is present, that provide regular services to, approximately, 100.000 clients.

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