Legs & nails is a concept in aesthetics and body beauty that uses the latest technology and offers the customer the possibility to gather, in the same space, several specialized services.


Legs & nails aims to achieve a wide range of customers, of both sexes, of all ages and with diversified products.


Customers are primarily concerned with their image and physical appearance but, above all, with their own well-being!


Legs & nails present a variety of services:

Laser Waxing

Assuming to be the ultimate level of evolution of the hair elimination treatments, the diode laser equipment introduces new efficient, safety and comfort in the subject. 


Hair Removal Waxing

Customers who prefer to use the traditional waxing services, aimed at both genders - Female and Male.


Manicure and pedicure

Manicure: Total manicure, French manicure, manicure with exfoliation and moisturizing thermal treatment, nail polish changing, nail art, application of stickers/gloss, application of dried flowers.


Pedicure: Total pedicure, French pedicure, pedicure with exfoliation and moisturizing thermal treatment.


Gel nails

Gel application on the natural nail, application of gel nails with tips or moulds, extension (with tips or moulds), maintenance of gel nails, removal of gel nails, glitter removal, pedicure gel nails, nail art


Body Treatments

Body scrubs, Cryotherapy, anti-cellulite slimming massage, manual lymphatic drainage, relaxation massage.


Facial Treatments

Skin cleansing, moisturizing treatment, anti-aging treatment and purifying treatment.

  • Financial Services - Credits, Insurance, Leasing and Reduction of Personal Costs
General Data
  • Country of Origin: Portugal
  • Start Business: 2009
  • Units: 3
Franchise Conditions
  • Entrance fees: € 7.500
  • Franchise Package: € 30.000
  • Royalties: € 200
  • Advertising Fee - FNP: FNP: € 100
  • Minimum:
  • Standard:
  • Priority Areas: Whole Country
Activity in Portugal
  • Franchising start: 2010
  • Monthly Invoicing: n.d.
  • Current Units: 2
  • Own: 0
  • Franchises: 2
International Activity
  • Business Start: 2014
  • Current Units: 1
  • Email: info@legsandnails.pt
  • Web Page: www.legsandnails.pt
  • Contact: Alexandrina Augusto