EZ Trade Center has a large international network of professional consultants specialised in purchasing and cost management reduction consultancy. EZ Trade Center services helps companies make efficient decisions in their purchasing processes of goods and services, generating significant savings, which allow profit increase, allowing companies to invest that money in their business or improving their treasury management.


The methodology used does not focus only on short-term cost reduction. Through a proprietary methodology, EZ Trade Center uses a comprehensive process that allows us to analyse customer spending patterns, improve the supply conditions, get discounts from historical errors in billings and control long-term general business costs. This process makes this methodology unique and distinct in the market.


The services are completely self-financed and customers, by appealing to EZ Trade Center consultants, benefit from an additional specialist in your management team, without incurring fixed costs.


EZ Trade Center helps companies increase their profits by reducing operating expenses of the various cost categories of an organization.


For each client, rates with suppliers related to operating costs are negotiated, such as telecommunications, fuel, consumables, information technology, security, cleaning.


The big advantage for the customer is that you only pay for the service if there is room for savings, which does not had risk to your business.


The proven methodology of EZ Trade Center is unique in the market and is developed in four steps:


- Audit: the process begins on the client with an audit on the operating expenses costs.


- Negotiation with Suppliers: the best conditions are negotiated for the various cost categories.


- Cost Reduction Plan: a report is presented with detailed information on current costs and an estimated reduction in annual costs, with effective savings for the customer.


- Performance monitoring: throughout the contract with the customer, Monitoring reports delivery with the results of the actual savings during the contract period with the customer.

  • Consultancy in Purchasing and Cost Reduction
General data
  • Country of Origin: Portugal
    Start Business: 2004
    Units: 16
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  • Beginning of Franchising: 2006
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International Activity
  • Start Business: 2009
  • Current Units: 10
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