Onebiz Group


In each business area, we have incorporated a set of brands with specialised services. 

The franchise was the system we’ve adopted as a mean of expansion and growth of our numerous businesses. Currently, we are head in the franchising market and we distinguish ourselves in the international market. 

Our brands' networks are developed based on the strategy “ONE-STOP SHOPPING”, supported by multi brands’ cross-selling. In a global vision, we offer a wide variety of services not only to companies but to individuals. Our networks are currently providing services to approximately 120.000 clients in the world.

Each brand has a fully dedicated team to the business that, along with the network, conceives its operating strategy in the market.

Leader of entrepreneurship celebrates 16 years.

In 2013, the Group reached 16 years in the history of entrepreneurship. As a result of this entrepreneur status, from the beginning, Onebiz, today, has more than 500 business partners that have accepted the challenge and joined the networks. 

The Group thanks all business partners, workers and friends for all they have dedicated in achieving this milestone in the business environment. 





Being a reference partner for all entrepreneurs that  want to own their owen business or converting it into a franchise and, by doing so, offering specialised services with the same thoroughness and quality in any part of the world in withc we are present, for companies and individuals. 


Achieving word LEADERSHIP in the franchise service market. 

Develop BRANDS as a key element for the creation of entrepreneurial value.

Betting on the RIGHT PEOPLE to construct solid business in a partnership based on franchising. 

ALWAYS be present, with a global service distribution network, through local franchised entrepreneurs.

Betting on the biggest value: people

This is our attitude, so that we can build a future with a solid base, betting on:

  • - Product and service innovation;
  • - Supply specialization and diversification;
  • - Strategic partnerships with added value;
  • - Interdependence between services and networks;
  • - Growth based on the franchising model of brands;
  • - Service as the key in the entrepreneurial offer;
  • - Ethics and integrity in business development;
  • - Enhance the skills of our professionals, valuing their ideas and initiatives;
  • - Betting on growing training;
  • - Leading teams based on principles of professionalism and loyalty.




  • - Leading the private and business market in the business segments in which we operate;
  • - New business development;
  • - Increasing service quality and satisfaction of franchisees partners and customers of the networks;
  • - Increasing cross-selling activity among the Group's networks;
  • - To disseminate corporate citizenship to ensure the involvement of our offerings to the needs and weaknesses of society.
  • - Maximizing the ability to develop new business opportunities.